Short Story

The Beginnings of a Vietnamese Refugee’s Life - Short Story - 05.02.24

Translated by Vuong Thanh, 2024 He lived with a vitality that rose within the realm of illusion, as if he were a stranger. He lamented the loss of his youth, so he rarely acknowledged that he had crossed the halfway point of his life! He wasn’t afraid of aging, but he didn’t want to accept […]

A LONG WAY HOME - Short Story - 01.12.21

His three brothers work for a big dealer in the area. He, the eldest, is the driver who takes care of incoming and outgoing cars to the adjacent dealers; and his younger ones wash cars to-be-delivered or help two elderly Mexican women to clean up the place. All three work eight hours a day at […]

SENDING MY SON OFF TO IRAQ - Short Story - 21.12.14

Translated by Mai Tran Deep in my thoughts while driving, the ringing of my cell phone startled me and shook my hands. – Hi Daddy, it’s PQ here! I was so happy to hear my son’s voice, the son from so far away. He was just home a couple weeks ago for his cousin’s wedding. […]