Kingwood on a downpour day

ngày 3.05.24

Gentle raindrops fall from the sky,
Upon rooftops and verdant branches high.
Kingwood slumbers in the embrace of rain,
Yet hearts remain warm, full of hope’s refrain.

The San Jacinto River rushes and swells,
Its floodwaters threaten homes along its banks.
In Northshore, residents heed the call to evacuate,
Moving their belongings to higher ground, showing thanks.

Footsteps leave imprints on dampened earth,
A testament to resilience, courage, and worth.
Despite the tempest, despite the rising tide,
Hope persists, unwavering, by their side.

Amidst the rain, Kingwood’s beauty remains,
Blooms unfurl, vibrant hues against the gray.
Though storms rage and waters surge,
Human spirit prevails, a beacon on this soggy stage.

Remember Kingwood on rainy days,
Memories of unity and hope forever stay.
Beneath the downpour, we stand strong,
Kingwood—a place where compassion belongs.