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ngày 8.05.24

Tự nhủ khi trầm cảm.
Self-talk in the middle of feeling depressed

In the ebb and flow of feeling blue,
A gentle reminder, this too shall pass through.
The sun dips low, the night unfurls,
But soon again, the daylight swirls.

A moment’s gloom, a shadow’s cast,
Not all things are meant to last.
So let’s embrace this transient state,
And find some joy, it’s not too late.

For every sigh that heaviness brings,
There’s a bird outside that sweetly sings.
The world’s alive, with wonders vast,
This mood, like clouds, will soon be past.

So here’s a verse, a little cheer,
To lift the heart and bring some mirth near.
Remember, my friend, in the grand scope of all,

This bad mood’s just a moment, and it’s small.

…vậy thì cho tôi biết cách hồi phục hoặc khả năng vượt qua.
…then tell me how to recover or ability to overcome.

Once in a small village, there was a garden with a single apple tree. This tree, unlike others, bore fruit only once every five years. Villagers often wondered if it was worth the space it occupied. Yet, the tree stood tall, weathering storms, droughts, and even the threat of being cut down.

One year, a particularly harsh winter rolled in. The villagers gathered, certain that the tree wouldn’t survive. But as the snow melted and spring embraced the land, something miraculous happened. The apple tree, against all odds, blossomed with more flowers than ever before.

The villagers watched in awe as the tree not only survived but thrived. That year, it produced the sweetest apples the village had ever tasted. The tree became a symbol of resilience, teaching the villagers a valuable lesson: with patience and strength, one can endure the toughest of times and emerge even stronger.

From then on, the villagers took care of the tree, knowing that its rare fruits were worth the wait. And the tree continued to stand tall, a testament to the power of resilience.