Poetry – English versions

TOKYO IN THOSE RAINY AUTUMN DAYS - Poetry – English versions - 19.12.21

Translated by Hương Cau Cao Tân from the Vietnamese version on 18 December 2021, in British Columbia, Canada Konnichiwa Narita. Hello how are you Princess of the Sea It is full of dew when the airport welcomes me Drops of dew are drizzling like those of Liên Khương Airport previously

The Field of Yellow Flowers - Poetry – English versions - 21.02.21

TRƯỜNG CA CÁNH ĐỒNG HOA VÀNG Translated by Poet Phạm Doanh Like a Fairy Tale I walked down the platform in the windy afternoon Stay at an unplanned place Just a whimsical decision That feels like there’s something compelling In a place half a world away from my hometown

Saga Of A Girl From The North - Poetry – English versions - 25.01.21

TRƯỜNG CA NGƯỜI EM MẠN BẮC Translate by Professor Trần Ngọc Dụng Crescent Moonlight Alight The Shoulder following the traffic signs and heading north where she lives; it’s way beyond the sight, and where the road is under shades of trees surrounding with colorful flowers, cheerful sound of birds, butterflies and bees.