Poetry – English versions

The Field of Yellow Flowers - Poetry – English versions - 21.02.21

TRƯỜNG CA CÁNH ĐỒNG HOA VÀNG Translated by Poet Phạm Doanh Like a Fairy Tale I walked down the platform in the windy afternoon Stay at an unplanned place Just a whimsical decision That feels like there’s something compelling In a place half a world away from my hometown

Saga Of A Girl From The North - Poetry – English versions - 25.01.21

TRƯỜNG CA NGƯỜI EM MẠN BẮC Translate by Professor Trần Ngọc Dụng Crescent Moonlight Alight The Shoulder following the traffic signs and heading north where she lives; it’s way beyond the sight, and where the road is under shades of trees surrounding with colorful flowers, cheerful sound of birds, butterflies and bees.